Microsoft Solutions


Our Microsoft Certified team is trained to bring the highest results in the industry. We
ensure that all your company’s practices and policies are followed during the development

In many situations we were able to help our clients who needed high level of expertise in
order to come up with the solution.

Microsoft Technologies we use:

  • Microsoft .Net

    • ASP.NET
    • C# /
    • MVC Framework
    • WebAPI Framework
    • WebFarm and distributed development
    • ORMs, such as Entity Framework, Linq, and others
    • Windows Forms .NET
  • SQL Server ­ all versions

    • Design and development of data store
    • Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, UDFs
    • Maintenance Scripts
    • Performance Optimization
    • Performance Troubleshooting
    • Backup and Recovery plans
  • Windows Servers

    • Server Virtualization
    • IIS Setup and configuration
    • Maintenance Tasks
    • Processing Tasks
    • Health Monitoring
  • Windows Azure

    • Cloud based software development
    • Cloud Deployments
    • Cloud Setup

Complementing technologies we use in our projects:

  • Front End Development

    • MVV (Angular, Ember, KnckoutJS, etc)
    • Less, Sass and other CSS pre­processors
    • Bootstrap and other UI frameworks
  • Back End Technologies

    • noSQL (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and others)
    • MySQL, Oracle
    • Dapper, and other ORMs
    •, Memcached, etc